Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Features in the Side Panel

I've added a few new features to the side panel to make assessing the success(failure) of my (mis)adventures easy to see at a single glance.

First, I've added a Current Performance block that lists the currently best and worst performing stocks in the portfolio along with the cumulative rate of return of the entire (mis)adventure.

Next, I've added a list of stocks that are currently in the portfolio in the most recent buy first format. Each stock is listed with its purchase price, so you can see where it started in the portfolio.

And finally, I've added a list of stocks that used to be in the portfolio and I have sold. Each entry is tagged with the gain(loss) that I took from from the sale . These are also listed in the most recently sold order.

Hope these additions make it easier for you to admire(mock) my wisdom or lack thereof in this (mis)adventure. WhatSayYou?

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