Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Beginning

Another hiatus, another beginning.

This post will just take stock of where things are after this long absense. See what I did there, yup bad humor, a "dad joke" there to remind you how much you love to read my posts.

Moving on...

The portfolio is doing much better than it was when I last wrote about it, Ka-Ching, and there have been some purchases and sales. The one constant is that Novo Nordisk (NVO) is still suffering from its disastrous dive into negative territory Ka-Flunk. All the other stocks still in the portfolio are ahead and looking stable, if not looking up.

On to sales and purchases;

I've sold one stock from the portfolio. Happy to report that it was sold at a good profit (30%). MGE Energy, Inc. (MGEE) had started to stall out and the long term outlook for it was starting to look less than attractive. Also I have another stock in that industry in CenterPoint Energy, Inc. (CNP).

Two new purchases have been added to the portfolio. Remember the time I missed out on the Gold Rush? Well, I redeemed myself by catching another precious metal company at the right time; and this time I did not chicken out. Tahoe Resources Inc. (TAHO) is primarily a silver mining company, and is rated highly in the Valueline survey, with a good dividend, and a solid 3-5 year price increase potential. Oh and Royal Gold (RGLD), my "Gold Rush: missed opportunity" is currently priced below the good price that I almost bought it at, so that worked out in hindsight. The other purchase in the portfolio is Hanesbrand Inc. (HBI). This stock shows up in a couple of lists of significance in the Valueline survey; Timely Stocks and Highest Growth Stocks. Currently Tahoe Resources Inc. (TAHO) is showing a 10% profit Ka-Ching, but Hanesbrand Inc. (HBI) is showing a small loss ~3% Ka-Flunk, so the new purchases are a mixed bag.

I am also looking at a couple of Potentials, which I will cover in the next post.

Thanks for continuing to follow my (mis)adventures.
That's all folks!