Thursday, December 31, 2015

What, Why, When, Etc., ...

The purpose of this blog is to track my success and stumbling in the quest to make my money work as hard as I do. 

This blog is focused on my investments in individual stocks. The stock picks I make are not based on professional advice, but on my own research. Most of my research is based on the Valueline Investment Survey, but I also refer to other sources.

Each week, on Saturday morning, I plan to update the state of positions I still hold, list sales during the previous week with percent gain/loss, list new acquisitions with cost of purchase, and new potential stocks that I am considering as future purchases.

Potential stocks of interest will be listed with the following information from the Valueline Investment Survey:


Approximate Price:
Dividend Yield:
Industry Rank:
Low Gain Estimate:
High Gain Estimate:

You are welcome to follow along, invest with me, or laugh at me for my follies. But under no circumstances should you consider any of my picks or purchases as professional advice. 

#goeswithoutsaying: If you choose to invest in stocks that I am considering, do it at your own risk.

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