Monday, January 11, 2016

The Ownership Bias

I noticed an interesting behavior I exhibited this weekend and thought it was relevant to this blog, so here goes...

Needed to buy something for a small home project and was heading to my local home improvement store. As I was driving I noticed that there was a Lowe's store on my way that I had not noticed before. But rather than stopping in there to get what I needed I drove another 5 miles to the Home Depot store!!

It's not like I thought I would not find what I needed, some hardwood and some hardware ( screws and fasteners ), at Lowe's. My only reason was that I own stock in Home Depot and spending my money there seems like a better return on my investment!!

There you go, the "Ownership Bias."
Can I copyright that phrase now?

Also, maybe I should look into buying some Lowe's stock too and save me some driving.

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